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This Community Citizens Alliance was formed as an initiative to bring affordable, reliable, and future-proof Broadband to Victor Township. In joining the alliance, you are contributing your voice to the compelling conversation that will help our cause in bringing Fiber Internet to our community and making the Fiber Victor project a reality.

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10-Gig   2.5-Gig   1-Gig   100 Mbps   50 Mbps  

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Fiber Internet

10, 5, & 1 Gb

No Data Caps

Experience a new level of entertainment. 40x faster than the average 25 Mbps in America, STELLAR’s 1, 5, or 10 Gig Internet service creates limitless possibilities.


The Best Digital

Get the TV you love, on any screen, and the technology to experience it like never before. Fiber-optic connection to your home means a more reliable way to watch your favorite shows.


Solutions for
every customer.

A fully-loaded, all-in-one platform that combines high-quality voice with video, chat, SMS, meetings, chat, and advanced collaboration features.

500 Mbps and 50 Mbps
Fiber Internet

Perfect for internet-light users who mainly check email and their social feeds.